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Dr. med. Franz MatthiasAge: 79 years18741953

Dr. med. Franz Matthias
Name prefix
Dr. med.
Given names
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3 years
younger sister
Hedwig Matthias
Birth: 1876 41 27
Death: 1889
4 years
younger sister
Elisabeth Matthias
Birth: 1879 44 30
Death: 1953
10 years
younger sister
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Kurt Matthias
Birth: about 1915 41 37
Death: about 1943

Birth 1874 39 25

Birth of a sisterHedwig Matthias
1876 (Age 2 years)

Birth of a sisterElisabeth Matthias
1879 (Age 5 years)

Birth of a sisterMargarete Matthias
1888 (Age 14 years)

Death of a sisterHedwig Matthias
1889 (Age 15 years)

Birth of a son
Kurt Matthias
about 1915 (Age 41 years)

Death of a motherJulie Auguste Minna Ebert
1925 (Age 51 years)

Death of a fatherHermann Ferdinand August Matthias
1927 (Age 53 years)

Death of a sonKurt Matthias
about 1943 (Age 69 years)

Death of a wifeMartha Jonas
1949 (Age 75 years)

Death of a sisterElisabeth Matthias
1953 (on the date of death)


Death 1953 (Age 79 years)

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  1. Generation 1
    1. Dr. med. Franz Matthias, dermatologe, son of Hermann Ferdinand August Matthias and Julie Auguste Minna Ebert, was born in 1874 and died in 1953 at the age of 79. He married Martha Jonas.

      Children of Dr. med. Franz Matthias and Martha Jonas:

      1. Kurt Matthias (19151943)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Kurt Matthias, son of Dr. med. Franz Matthias and Martha Jonas, was born about 1915 and died about 1943.

Dr. med. Franz Matthias has 2 first cousins recorded